Bitcoin Price to Hit $50,000 In 5 Years

Bitcoin Price to Hit $50,000 In 5 Years
An analyst who previously expected bitcoin price to hit $5,000 this year, has long past bullish once more to claim bitcoin will overtake Apple’s $800 billion market cap inside five years.

earlier in June, inventory analyst and founder of standpoint research Ronnie Moas predicted bitcoin price to hit $5,000 inside a few months at a time while the cryptocurrency changed into buying and selling close to $2,600. Now, the inventory picker has hedged his bet on the cryptocurrency market to hit $2 trillion in the coming years so that it will successfully see bitcoin rise to 12x its price today above $50,000.

appearing in a media interview with CNBC’s “Capital Connection” nowadays, Moas placed the highlight on $200 trillion within the blended global markets of gold, shares, bonds, and cash. All of which he could be shunned, for bitcoin.Bitcoin Price to Hit $50,000 In 5 Years

He said: I’m now not enthusiastic about putting my money in any four of those options proper now. If 1% of that $200 trillion finds its way into cryptocurrency within the subsequent 10 years, you will be searching at a $2 trillion valuation, 12x what it's far these days, and with a view to power bitcoin price above $50,000.

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