Lisk Mobile Development Continues for 2018/2019

Lisk Mobile Development Continues for 2018/2019

Lisk (LSK) remains to be one of the most potentially poised cryptocurrency in terms of growth in 2018 through to 2019. The User Interface team has been working around the clock for the release of the much-anticipated Lisk Mobile. The new platform offers users a myriad of features and improves their experience while interacting with the Lisk network. Besides, the Lisk Mobile, the team has been hosting the Lisk Berlin meetup. The meetup was attended by many blockchain enthusiasts as well as dedicated members of the Lisk community."Lisk Mobile Development Continues for 2018/2019"

The vision for the Lisk Mobile was first mentioned in June 2018. It was part of “the beginning of a new user interfaces journey at the Lisk.” Moreover, the network announced Vit and Ali as owners of the products, Lisk Hub and Lisk Mobile in that order. Over the past few months, the development team has received incredible feedback on the new software. And the effort put in brainstorming activities, conceptualization, design, the code as well as testing has paid off immensely as Lisk Mobile for both iOS and Android is released. According to a Medium post, the vision for Lisk Mobile is:

Lisk Mobile Development Continues for 2018/2019

“Expanding our wallet offering to all smartphones, Lisk Mobile is the perfect gateway into the Lisk ecosystem. That is why we formulated our vision quite broadly as an intuitive app for mainstream use, offering a limited feature-set with a special focus on immersive user experience.”

Lisk Mobile 0.3.0 Launched at the Lisk Berlin Meetup

Lisk development team is all about quality and security. For this reason, the network created not one but three versions of the Lisk Mobile internally before the public launch as an MVP. The end product of the entire process is a robust mobile application with the ability “to create and sign into a Lisk account, transfer, receive and request LSK, get an overview of your account activity and explore individual transactions.”

Lisk Mobile Development Continues for 2018/2019

Although the Lisk Mobile 0.3.0 has been released to the public, its development is far from over. The team still needs to transform it from a “Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to a Minimum Lovable Product (MLP).” To achieve this the team has thought through various features to be implemented in the coming releases. Some of these are related to security, for instance, access via biometric authentication, continuous sign-in, increased test-coverage and user account passphrase backup. In addition to that, the soon to come design features include incognito mode (used to hide LSK values and Lisk IDs) and Night mode.

The User Interface department will also work on introducing a more elaborative welcome screen and dynamic on-boarding. Moreover, there will be the inclusion of tooltips and support from all the areas in the application. Lisk Mobile is set to become the most user-friendly mobile application in the industry. At the same time, it is focused on bringing convenience to the user with notifications for confirming outgoing transactions and support for notification alert for incoming transactions. More details of the Lisk Mobile can be found here. The team said in the conclusion of the Medium post:

“In two weeks time, we will distribute a feedback form to gather your first thoughts about Lisk Mobile. We are excited to see Lisk Mobile support us in our quest of increasing blockchain accessibility and ease of use.”

At press time, Lisk (LSK) is trading at $3.29. The crypto is making subtle lower corrections, although its exchange volume stands at $5.7 million. Lisk is the 26th largest crypto with a market cap of $365 million.

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